Finders Keepers

Finders KeepersI feel like I’ve been reading a bit more non-fiction recently, so I figured I had to go with a fiction book this time around. Noticed a new Stephen King book, Finders Keepers and gave it a shot.

It was pretty solid. Turned out it was a sequel (which I might have to check out the previous book now) and centered around a crime. I really liked how the book started in the past, then jumped around to the present to set the stage.

Towards the end I really did get into it a bit more and really plowed through the last part of the book, eager to see how things ended. Good stuff.

Overall I thought it was a pretty solid summer read.

Currently 4/5 Stars.

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For Dustin’s bachelor party we were going fishing on a boat. While I have gotten slight motion sickness on a boat before, it was never anything too serious. So I was hoping that going further out into the ocean to fish wouldn’t be so bad.

About 15-20 minute into the voyage I knew I was in trouble. Not only was a random kid on the boat just completely out of the blue staring and hugging me, but I knew I was going to be sick. Oh, and we had about 6 more hours to go.

I got so sick that all I could do was find a place to sit away from people and just weather the storm. I managed not to throw up into 2 hours in, but once I had to made sure to wrap my arms around a rail in case we hit a big wave and not fall overboard while vomiting off the side.

I’m not going to lie, it was a pretty horrible day. Knowing that you have absolutely nowhere to go to get away from the nausea, and even a best case scenario the ride back to shore would take an hour and a half if they called it a day early. Yuck, no fun at all.

I currently hate boats, fish, the ocean, fishing rods, bait, water, wind, waves, and all the people on the boat (even though it wasn’t their fault at all and they were a big help).

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32 Kickball Runs

Though earlier in the day it was looking like it might be a rainy day, it turned out to be probably the nicest kickball weather we’ve had all year. A lovely day for some kickball against our opponent the Star Spangled Bangers. They are a very athletic team and though we’ve had some close battles they tend to take the majority of the victories.

Well today would turned out to be an explosive offensive performance right from the start and continued throughout the entire game. What really made the difference for us were the numerous 2 out kicks. There were so many times where what would have been a small inning for us turned into a big inning with us continually finding the defensive holes kicking with 2 outs.

The kickball gods were truly with us yesterday as we just continually dropped kicks exactly where they couldn’t be played. It was quite a nice feeling and great to see everyone have a great moment or two against a quality opponent.

All in all we would wind up scoring 32 impressive runs and had a lot of fun doing so. It was relentless, and we managed to score several in each inning. Quite a fun time and I’m glad everyone had fun.

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Reagan: The Life

Reagan: The LifeWhile I’m not too big into politics I did notice a new biography on Ronald Reagan, and he was the President during my younger childhood. While I remember jelly beans and the Soviet Union, I figured it’d be interesting to remember a bit more about that era.

While the early history of him before being President was very interesting and good to learn, I was most interested in reading about his Presidency. Those were the years that I recalled and reading up on so many of those events of the eighties really brought back other good memories too.

For instance the terrible Challenger explosion, the Star Wars missile defense systems, the “evil” Soviets, crushing Mondale, etc. All these really stood out to me during those formative years.

Though this was a very lengthy and quite heavy book, I did enjoy reading it a lot. Not only did I learn much more about the guy and gotten a better idea of what went on behind the scenes, it also brought back some good memories as well.

Currently 3.5/5 Stars.

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Elvis the Dog

Elvis the DogElvis the dog passed away this morning. It was rather sudden and unexpected. He will be missed tremendously by all that knew him.

I have many, many fond memories of Elvis. He was a very gentle, kind, obedient, and probably the most loyal dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. His loyalty to my brother Frank was absolute and never wavered through the highs and lows of his life.

I’ll never forget just how tiny Elvis was when we picked up from the Philadelphia Airport. Though he’d grow up to be quite a large American Bulldog, he was barely larger than a shoe when we first met. I took him out of his little crate in the car and he just slept by my feet the whole ride home. His gentle behavior wasn’t just in that first car ride, but would persist for the entirety of his life. He was just a calm guy, who rarely if ever got himself into any trouble. He never ever took a piece of food that wasn’t given to him, he’d always make sure it was alright for him to do so first.

What would probably stand out to most were his looks. He had the American Bulldog face that was both gross and slobbery yet very handsome at the same time. He was instantly liked by all. He really didn’t bark too much until later in life (and when he did bark it was almost guaranteed that it was at nothing), but would communicate with whines and cries. He was easily the biggest baby I’d ever known. Scared of his own shadow, yet could pull a hole through a wall if he got too excited and misjudged his speed while turning a corner.

He loved his stuffed animal toys and would carry them with him at all times. Rarely could he be found without a stuffed animal nearby, even well into adulthood.

Elvis made it through two major knee surgeries a few years back. While by no means an ideal patient, he did eventually make an excellent recovery and we were all glad that he could resume his regular dog duties (sleeping, drooling, etc.).

He wasn’t much of a licker, which was fantastic considering how dirty his jowls were. Always full of slobber, a shake of his head was known to send it several feet and landing quite high up on walls. So high in fact it was difficult to fathom at times. He was so filthy and stinky, but so likable that it didn’t matter. Becoming drenched in slobber was easily worth the risk of getting close to such a fine dog.

I spent many hours protecting him from thunderstorms, lighting, stressful situations, etc. He would just sit pretty much on top of my feet (not that comfy for me) and I’d pet him until we rode out whatever scary situation was affecting him.

Our walks around Linwood were always a pleasure. While he was known to want to call it quits after only a block on many occasions, we did get around 2 miles or so for a bit. He always attracted quite the audience, with people constantly stopping to ask more about him, or waving from their cars at him. He was quite the popular walker.

I have so many great and wonderful memories of Elvis the Dog. While my family and I will be deeply saddened by his loss, I do know that we gave him the best life we possibly could and that he knew that. He was so happy to be a part of our family and to look after and protect my brother Frank while he was with us. He will be missed a great deal.

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H is For Hawk

There is a really impressive hawk who hangs out in my trees. I guess living on the corner he gets a pretty great view on my property.

When I saw a book with a hawk on the cover I figured it’d be interesting to read and perhaps learn a bit more about these guys.While the book turned out to be a lot more about feelings and such than I was expecting, I still did learn a bit much about birds.

Actually I haven’t seen the guy since I read this book, but I’m pretty sure he’s been up there a few times and I’m sure he’s seen me. He’s quite a big hawk and was eating a squirrel on my front lawn. He let me get very close, which was a bit strange but most exciting.

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