I’m not sure what led me to visit Twitter the other morning, I hadn’t really for well over a year. Not sure if I had some weird dream, but something told me to just visit and check in and see if all was well. Much to my utter shock I learned that Logan the Wolverine had passed away last month.

My stomach had completely dropped and I had to read and refresh the screen several times, each hoping that it was somehow an error or I had just read it incorrectly. He was such a nice dog, and not nearly old enough to leave this world. Even though I hadn’t seen him in a very long time, I was still deeply saddened to learn of his passing.

I do consider myself very fortunate to of been able to meet and spend a great deal of time with such a fine dog. He really was great in so many ways, and as sad as I am, I do know that he was alway given the highest treatment a dog could have ever asked for. He was as loved as a stinky, grumpy, loyal dog could have ever been, and truly had been given such a great life.

I have so many excellent memories of him:

  • the numerous times he growled at me when I unknowingly crossed into his territory (apparently this was quite often)
  • the time he sprayed diarrhea all over dog beach narrowly missing another dog’s face (still one of the grossest things I’ve witnessed to this day)
  • taking him for walks (a couple of surprise day visits really stand out)
  • having numerous deep chats with him when nobody was around or in listening distance
  • the time he ate poop and had to have his teeth brushed and face washed to take away the smell
  • faking him out numerous times while playing fetch
  • excellent games of tug-o-war
  • the times I entered without Mr. Guard dog detecting me
  • his uncanny ability at his tiny size to take up an entire bed/couch

He truly was a great guy and am so sad that he is gone. I’m so very glad I got to know him and know that while his life was much, much too short he did really luck out with the amazing life that he wound up with. He will truly be missed, but never forgotten.

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Christmas 2013

While Christmas isn’t nearly what it was to me growing up, it’s still a pretty fun time of year. While the presents received doesn’t live up to the days of old, getting people really cool and thoughtful stuff is a lot of fun to me.

Apparently I really hit a home run with the Marvel Unlimited subscription I got my younger brother. He now has one year unlimited access to over 13,000+ issues of Marvel comics on his iPad. While I knew he would appreciate this a great deal, I was surprised at just how excited he was to receive it.

I did notice my Dad complaining to my Mom a few weeks back that these things he uses on the stove burners were well past broken. My Mom thought that the things were no longer made, as she hasn’t seen them in ages. Using the power of the internet I found out that they were called heat diffusers and in fact can still be bought. God bless the internet and a very glad father.

As for my older brother, he tends to be a really worrisome about his dog (Lady) when he has to leave her at home alone. So I got him a Belkin NetCam HD that he can setup wirelessly at home and check in on Lady when he is at work in full HD from his iPad (or any internet connected device). I was glad to be able to put him at ease and he was very thankful for the gift.

While my Mom’s wasn’t quite as exciting to me to think of, I did get her a fine gift card to Macy’s so she can go out and spend a day shopping and frankly getting away from the above mentioned guys in my family for a bit of sanity. She really likes to do that, and giving her a gift card to use up means that she will surely put aside time for a day to get away from those guys.

All in all a pretty successful gift giving for my family.

I was also the recipient of some cool stuff from them too:

  • The Wonderful 101 for the Wii U
  • a talking plush Honey Badger (very cool!)
  • some rare Guardians of the Galaxy comic (I’ll have to look that one up)
  • a re-gifted sweater that I immediately recognized, but acted like I hadn’t realized just to be nice
  • Sports Authority gift card so I can be sporty
  • and and assortment of other fine stuff too

While not at fun as it was many years ago, still a pretty cool time and nice to be around everyone in relative peace.

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The Hobbit

The HobbitWith The Hobbit film coming out in a few months (I think), I figured now would be a good time to read it. My brothers and I used to love to watch the cartoon movie of it. To this day, the goblin song might still be my favorite song of all time. Plus the whole thing, especially Gollum scared me like few things in life ever did.

The book was pretty good, luckily I’d forgotten enough since I was a kid that not everything was predictable. For some reason I expected it to be less kiddie as I began reading, but it was written for children after all, so I don’t know how I got that expectation.

I’d say that this did hold up to my lofty childhood expectations. I found myself rooting for that little hobbit on his epic journey.

Glad I gave this one a shot, now I have the goblin song stuck in my head again.

Currently 4/5 Stars.

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Crazy Storm

Finally found some electricity at work today, so I figured I’d jot down some of my highlights from the most craziest storm I’ve been witnessed.

While the storm only lasted about 45 minutes or so on Friday night, the insane wind gusts sure left their mark. I knew that I’d wake up to some decent amount of damage in the neighborhood, but nothing near what took place around Linwood.

Massive oaks that I thought were unmovable were lifted taking up chunks of sidewalks with them. I honestly felt that the Hulk would’ve broken a sweat attempting to lift many of these ancient oaks. I still can’t believe how many had gotten torn up or broken.

Sadly what would break their fall in most cases were power lines. So there were many downed power lines throughout. In fact as of right now there’s still no power in Linwood and it isn’t expect back on until July 6th. Hopefully it comes back much sooner if possible.

I was without cell service for a while too. On my quest to get a car charger for my phone I wound up at a Radio Shack. I hate Radio Shack. The salesman was pretty insistant on selling me insurance on my $30 purchase. Why would I spend $11 to insure something that was $30? With all the craziness about, I think Radio Shack may’ve been the zaniest experience I had.

Not having power hasn’t been that bad though. In a weird way it’s a bit refreshing to be without it. I feel a bit less lazy since I’m not sitting around as much. Though air conditioning is quite nice to have especially when you’ve been outside moving trees and other storm clean up stuff.

This was the most damage I’ve seen in the area ever. Still a bit amazed at all the trees that came down, many of them will be sadly missed.

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My Triple AAA Approach to Social Media Customer Service

AAA Emblem
I assist at work with handling our social media presences. Of which we do get the occasional upset and or nasty comment. Today I do believe I just coined the Triple AAA Approach to handling negative social media postings.

So here are my 3 steps:

  1. Acknowledge – this that you the person’s comment has been heard. This is very important and the sooner it can be done the better! Simply acknowledging the problem/complaint can on it’s own solve many problems.
  2. Apologize – I don’t care how right you may feel you or your organization is, apologize for what occurred. Again, this can and should be done in a very timely manner. Often somebody just want’s to hear an apology and isn’t necessarily looking for a resolution.
  3. Answer/Assist – this is the last step. Get them help or answer what their problem or issue was. Sometimes this can take time, and in that case the first two steps can be taken in the meantime to hold them over and let them know that you are actively working to assist them.
That’s it for my Triple AAA Approach to social media customer service.
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The Amazing Healthcare System

I always hear much debate over the flaws of the US Healthcare Industry. Well today, I experienced just how awesome it can be.

I’ve unfortunately been sick, very sick for a very long time. For a week or so I was being falsely treated for strep throat. Not exactly sure when it started, I’m kinda old fashioned and if something hurts you just work through it, so there’s really no telling when this all began.

However, today I experienced just how amazing the system can be. Behold what was done in a single day:

  1. At 10:15 AM made an appointment to see my regular physician at 11:45 AM.
  2. Was promptly seem by my physician with a minimal of wait. Was recommended I see a ear, nose and throat specialist. They set up the appointment for me, same day at 2:00 PM. I also had bloodwork and a chest x-ray setup for me on a walk-in basis, as well as 2 prescriptions made out as well. Cost: $10 co-pay.
  3. 12:20 PM pick up my 2 prescriptions from CVS, then go home and load up on as much fluids as possible. Cost: $6.
  4. 1:50 arrive at the ear, nose and throat doctor. His specialization seems to of paid off in spades with the then mystery of my condition. We agree to take a gamble and he administers a cortisone shot. I do believe there’s enough cortisone in my arm to allow Jamie Moyer to throw a 90+ MPH fastball. I also am written up a prescription that is sent to CVS for me. Cost: $10 co-pay.
  5. 2:30 arrive to get blood work done. It’s amazing how fast the effects of that shot is kicking it, thus far our educated gamble seems to be paying off (thank God, side effects sounded bad). A simple prick in my arm and 2 vials are filled. Cost: $10 co-pay.
  6. 3:00 arrive get a chest x-ray performed. No appointment, I’m in and out in under 20 minutes. Cost: $10 co-pay.
  7. 3:30 arrive at CVS (again!) and pick up my prescription that’s waiting for me. $3.

For a total of $49 and never having to drive more than 7 minutes for any location (that’s with summer traffic mind you), I was able to get incredible health service today! I was so very impressed and so very glad to have solid health insurance as well.

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