Head First Web Design

Just got done reading through Head First Web Design by O’Reilly. Borders was having a 20% off deal going, and I always like to read through beginner books every now and then to reinforce the basics. This is a great book to read if you’re getting started working on the web.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Head First series, they do an excellent job of visually explaining tech topics. Most tech books are either way too basic or much too advanced, but the Head First series are a pretty solid read. You will need to have a pretty good understanding of XHTML and CSS to get through this one.

I thought the book did a great job of explaining the following:

  • design
  • dealing with a client
  • information architecture
  • designing for your audience
  • using the color wheel
  • navigation
  • writing for the web
  • accessibility

If you’re new to web design or just need a good read on current best practices, I highly recommend this book.