Upcoming Dodgeball Tournament

The first annual Mercer Madness Dodgeball Tournament takes place on April 12th. It Sounds really cool, and I’m in the process of trying to form a team. If you’re interested in playing some dodgeball on April 12th or have some questions about it, please leave a comment or contact me some other way.

Here’s the basic rules, more info can be found at their site,

Number of Balls:
Six red rubber balls: two stingers 5″ and four 8.5″ blockers.

Number of Players:
There may be 6 players on court, 10 per team.

Court size
The Courts are approximately 60′ X 30′

They’re also offering hair braiding and face painting if that interests you as well.

Adventure Sports

Denny’s Season 8 Banquet

Being a proud member of the Denny’s Fantasy Football League Hall of Fame I was invited to attend their season ending banquet at Denny’s last night. Attendance was high, with almost the entire league in attendance. The Muldoon Mashers made a huge announcement in officially changing their team name to Moons over My Hammy. The trophy was handed to three-time champion Poon franchise. Three titles in eight seasons makes them now officially a dynasty in many circles.

After the banquet a foosball tournament was scheduled. It never really did materalize, with some having to leave and just random acts that stopped the tournament from ever taking off. Though some of us were able to squeeze in several fine foosball games, albeit very rust foosball games. On a bright note a new game was found on that night, bean bag horse. Fairly basic game of horse, using a childs bean bad toss board.


Disc Golf

Been spending much of my fall weekends playing disc golf. It’s a very cool sport. It’s similar to golf, but with cheap frisbees instead of expensive clubs. There’s driving discs, putting discs, etc.

The course of choice has been at the Cape May Park and Zoo Disc Golf Course. Seems like a nice course, though the fifth hole is a very challenging task. I fear the fifth hole, and that one freaky looking goose with only one foot.

Adventure Sports

Hall of Fame Induction

Denny's Draft

I had received one of the recent honors of my life the other day, with my induction into Denny’s Fantasy Football League’s hall of fame. The induction was held in Wes’s basement before the season eight draft for Denny’s. It was a truly humbling experience.

I was sure to dress appropriately for such a glorioius occasion. Wearing my championship t-shirt from season four and my newly purchased yellow sportscoat (which was several sizes too small) I was set to deliver my speech. I was sure to thank all those responsible for getting me to this stage of my life that I never even imagined as possible, the Denny’s Hall of Fame.

From the various response I’ve gotten from the ceremony, I think my speech and genuine appreciation of the honor really hit home with the members of Denny’s. It was a truly humbling experience and a great honor and no one can ever take away the fact that I’m a member of Denny’s Fantasy Football League’s Hall of Fame.

Development Sports

Spiked Punch Volleyball

Our volleyball team has decided on a name, Spiked Punch. Geoff came up with a really cool logo, and I’ve begun to set us up a website, check it out


Beach Volleyball

Just joined a beach volleyball team. Games are played in Ventnor at the tennis courts. Seems like a pretty big league. Geoff and Eric are on my team, Eric is the captain. He claims to own sand socks so I won’t question him.

I might be one of he worst volleyball players of all time. Though I was starting to get my timing down as the night progressed. Records are kept and we’ll be playing every Tuesday, so that should be pretty cool.