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South Vineland Park Monsoon

The good Shepherd and I embarked on a voyage to play the disc golf course in South Vineland Park.  We had a hard time locating the park, apparently the park doesn’t have a mailing address, so attempts to map it to the car’s GPS proved impossible.  So we had it map what we felt was the street where the course would be found.  This of course took us a great distance out of the way (also known as very lost).  

Luckily we did enjoy another fine lunch as Sugar Hill Subs.  So despite being lost, tempers never did flare.  While driving there the heavens opened up and let loose a downpour of biblical proportions.  With little to no visibility it seemed that not only would we not find this legendary course; even if we did locate it we’d be rained out.  Luckily we were able to weather out the storm (with headlights off almost the entire time dummy), and eventually find the park.

The 18 hole course was amazing.  And the heavens cleared during the the 2nd basket, giving us a most glorious day to appreciate this newfound course.  This proved to be a most challenging course, with the distance to the baskets being much greater than what we’re accustomed.  Another notable challenge is the narrow lanes that one is faced with.  There’s times where you must navigate a 300+yd forest opening that’s no more than 5 feet wide.  An extremely daunting, but rewarding task.

The changes in elevation brought a new dimension to the great game of disc golf to us rookies.  It’s something that must be seen to be truly appreciated, on a drier day I will have to take some photos to share.  The Shepherd took a nasty spill down on of these treacherous slopes that I speak of.  While and extremely funny sight to behold, there was no shame in the slip.  For I almost had several spills myself.

An extremely impressive disc golf course, one that must truly be given a try.

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