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Edu Web Conference Day 3

12:48 PM

The Edu Web 2008 Conference is over and I’ve just returned to work.  Overall I thought it was pretty good.  Though I’d prefer more development sessions or at least more advanced sessions.  If this is held close to home again next year I’ll most likely attend if not present.  I found presentations on cloud computing and AJAX to be the most interesting.  Good event.

10:49 AM

I’m here a bit early for the next presentation.  Think I’ve checked everything out here and can’t think of anything else to do.  Next presentation is on embedding video, and hopefully it’ll be interesting.  This table I’m at is pretty dirty, think I’ll get up and move.

10:07 AM

Sitting in on a presentation for a FaceBook application called SkoolPool.  I’ll have to check out their site a bit more, this does seem like something worth checking out a bit further..  The presentation is cracking me up.  The guy has a fairly thick accent and a deep monotone voice, so I can’t make out a word he’s saying.  He sounds like a really bad Beatles impersonation.  It’s great.  And the co-speaker keeps interrupting him.  This is truly a classic presentation, a true work of art.

8:41 AM

Think I’m in the wrong presentation.  This is about web content management not working with web services.  Oh well, she seems to be giving a good presentation so I’ll hang around.  

8:20 AM

Charging up my laptop and checking email and news at one of the tables setup here with power.  Seems to be a smaller crowd today, guess people have begun leaving or perhaps are sleeping in a bit.


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