Jungle Disk

Just downloaded Jungle Disk to help take care of my data storage.  It uses the Amazon S3 web service to backup and store files.  I already had an S3 account so it only took me a minute or so to setup the program to automate backups of my data.  

Currently I’ve been backing up my data to an external hard drive, but having my backup in the same room as my computer isn’t exactly the greatest model for protecting data.  And the S3 cloud computing model is great for me.  You only pay based on how much space you’re using and how much data you’re moving a month.  So it winds up being very affordable for me.

My initial backup on one of my computers should take about 3 days, but after that incremental backups shouldn’t take too long at all.  This seems very very easy thus far, and I think it’s a great solution to online storage. 

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