YQL is my new BFF


YQL, Yahoo’s SQL-like language that provides straightforward ways to mash up different APIs into one data source for use in applications has been around for a few months now. In that time I’ve found it to be extremely useful and easy to work with in numerous projects. However,  the service got 10 ninjas better last week they added the ability to insert, update and delete to the service as well.

In just a few minutes I was able to take an existing news app that I had created in the past and using the YQL service had it sending out tweets to Twitter as well as including a shortened URL courtesy of the API.

Just feed the following Twitter status update to the YQL Console and it’ll create the REST query that you can use in your script:

use '';
insert into twitter.status (status,username,password)
values ("Playing with INSERT UPDATE and DELETE in YQL", "twitterusername","twitterpassword")

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