Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Just finished reading the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. It was some of the finer reading I’ve done it quite some time. It pretty much is Greek mythology taking place in present day. I’ve always been kinda into the whole mythology thing, especially growing up (some cool monsters there) and always been a sucker for the whole good vs evil fight.

The series spans 5 action packed books, with my favorite being the final book The Last Olympian. It was pretty much some non-stop against impossible odds fighting for the world going on stuff. Much sacrifices made for the noble cause, some fine demi-gods were lost in the epic battle.

The books are geared toward a younger crowd, probably on par with the Harry Potter series. They’re also coming out with films, so I’ll have to show up opening night dressed as a minotaur or Ares or something like that.

Excellent series and highly recommended.

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