The Amazing Healthcare System

I always hear much debate over the flaws of the US Healthcare Industry. Well today, I experienced just how awesome it can be.

I’ve unfortunately been sick, very sick for a very long time. For a week or so I was being falsely treated for strep throat. Not exactly sure when it started, I’m kinda old fashioned and if something hurts you just work through it, so there’s really no telling when this all began.

However, today I experienced just how amazing the system can be. Behold what was done in a single day:

  1. At 10:15 AM made an appointment to see my regular physician at 11:45 AM.
  2. Was promptly seem by my physician with a minimal of wait. Was recommended I see a ear, nose and throat specialist. They set up the appointment for me, same day at 2:00 PM. I also had bloodwork and a chest x-ray setup for me on a walk-in basis, as well as 2 prescriptions made out as well. Cost: $10 co-pay.
  3. 12:20 PM pick up my 2 prescriptions from CVS, then go home and load up on as much fluids as possible. Cost: $6.
  4. 1:50 arrive at the ear, nose and throat doctor. His specialization seems to of paid off in spades with the then mystery of my condition. We agree to take a gamble and he administers a cortisone shot. I do believe there’s enough cortisone in my arm to allow Jamie Moyer to throw a 90+ MPH fastball. I also am written up a prescription that is sent to CVS for me. Cost: $10 co-pay.
  5. 2:30 arrive to get blood work done. It’s amazing how fast the effects of that shot is kicking it, thus far our educated gamble seems to be paying off (thank God, side effects sounded bad). A simple prick in my arm and 2 vials are filled. Cost: $10 co-pay.
  6. 3:00 arrive get a chest x-ray performed. No appointment, I’m in and out in under 20 minutes. Cost: $10 co-pay.
  7. 3:30 arrive at CVS (again!) and pick up my prescription that’s waiting for me. $3.

For a total of $49 and never having to drive more than 7 minutes for any location (that’s with summer traffic mind you), I was able to get incredible health service today! I was so very impressed and so very glad to have solid health insurance as well.

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Heard of your discomfort and hope you will be back to your old self again. There killing me at work with the smell of bleach! Your desk has been wiped down and all your toys are in bags. It looks like a death has occured! Rest up and come back soon! I really miss the conversations.

Thanks Phyllis, I can only imagine what the scene must look like. On a good note, the odds of it being transmitted to an adult just by working near me are so very slim I just didn’t want them to be absolutely sure.

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