Upgraded from YUI2 to YUI3

I finally got around to upgraded this blog from YUI2 to YUI3. The site doesn’t feature too much scripting so, switching over was extremely easy.

First I converted the Grid layout of the site. The YUI3 CSS Grid was very simple to switch to, and made sense fairly quickly. I’ve been using YUI2 Grids for a while, so initially the changes in YUI3 seemed a bit foreign, but the differences did sink in and I’ve found it to be a more flexible grid to work with. A grid builder like the one offered for YUI2 would be a very welcome addition.

I’m also making use of YUI3 Tabview. Again, I was using a very basic example of it so switching over was a breeze. Actually just had to remove a little markup.

I really do like the new approach in YUI3. It’s well worth the investment of taking a few minutes of reading through the documentation. The flexibility and potential there for growth is great. Very good stuff.

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