2010 Holiday Gift Exchange

2010 Holiday Gift ExchangeThe 4th annual Holiday Gift Exchange was held yesterday in the employee cafeteria. I thought it was a great time and another highly successful gift exchange. Slightly biased here I’m sure, but it’s the finest gift exchange at work.

I would like to thank all those who participated Especially those who went the extra mile bringing in food, drink, taking photos, or just assisting with the setup. A truly great team effort.

This was the furthest that the swap had gone, with several swaps after the initial mandatory round. A wide assortment of gift cards, swords, blankets, Buccaneer attire, and a shake weight just to name a few swapped hands. Well I don’t think the shake weight swapped hands, but most everything else seemed to at one point.

I wound with with the gift I happened to bring in. A foam sword, monkey (together forming a monkey sword) and a Target gift card.

Great strategy was exercised and all seemed to have a pretty good time. It’s great to have a good time with co-workers and look forward to next years.

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