Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil

A few weeks back I was determined to make use of a public library. I’ve been buying a lot of books and since I rarely read them twice, why not just borrow one for free. Plus I feel kinda smart and wise if I walk into a library every now and then.

I got a few suggestions from NGM on some good reads, but when I got to the library I got a little intimidated. Books seemed to be everywhere and they were all hardcover, and I’ve only been exposed to softcover books for the longest time.

Sadly they didn’t have what NGM had recommended, and I couldn’t recall the titles of some others as well. So in a bit of panic I grabbed a Star Wars book. It just seemed safe to me, so my decision was made.

It was a pretty solid read. The events take place right before Episode III, which was really cool. It gave characters who didn’t get much screen time in the film a time to shine. I was especially glad to learn more about General Grievous and Count Dooku. It was nice to see just how mean and feared they were to the Jedi and not some clumsy cowards who die a few minutes into the film.

If you’re into the whole Star Wars thing, then I’d recommend this highly. Very good read, with the last few chapters being the most exciting.

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