Adobe Contribute CS5 Sucks, But Here’s a Fix That Worked for Me

I really dislike using Adobe Contribute CS5. It was a great solution many years ago before the web based CMS has become so easy to use. However, I do work with some sites that are still based on it (for now) and do have to tolerate it.

Recently it’s been crashing every single time I’ve started up the application. As you can imagine this can pose quite a serious problem. I attempted all the tricks, even a clean uninstall then reinstall of the application on OSX.

I finally stumbled across a discussion thread that saved the day for me!

Deleting the folder “ConnectionsHomeOMBackend”

(user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS5ServiceManager/extensions/ConnectionsHomeOMBackend/

fixed the crashing on startup issues. Thanks so much for the folks who took the time to share this on the forums. I was really beginning to grow a bit scared that there wasn’t a fix for this.

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