Wizard’s Wedding

I attended the Wizard’s wedding on Sunday. It was all the way up in Douglastown NY at the Douglastown Manor. Since the Wizard was pretty much our honorary 4th brother growing up our entire family got the invite to attend. My older brother who was also the best man, my mom and myself were able to attend.

The car ride there wasn’t too bad. We were able to navigate with the assistance of GPS without a wrong turn. Traffic wasn’t too terrible either, especially considering that this was Memorial Day weekend.

Once we arrived it was great to get out of the car and walk around. I did get a quick bite to eat at a Subway across from where we had arrived. I did assist the store keeper with removing an older advertisement cling on from their window. Stuff like that is fun to me.

We then headed over to the church. Besides the lack of air conditioning the church wasn’t too bad. The ceremony went by rather quickly. Outside I got a chance to say hello to a few of the other guys who were invited and were in my older brother’s grade growing up. All older now, but still just as goofy as I remembered them all.

We then went over to the reception. Driving to that wasn’t too bad either. It just just 3 or 4 miles from the church. It was very nice inside the Douglaston Manor and the hors d’Å“uvre were excellent. In fact I found that as long as you were eating that random people would spend less time talking to you. Needless to say, I really did overeat at this time. But at least it was yummy stuff.

The rest of the night went smoothly. The band played a greatest hits of the 80’s set. So there was anything from The Police, to Judas Priest going on. I thought that they really sounded great and did a good job. People were dancing the entire time. I never realized that the Wizard’s family was such dancers, but I guess they were always into music so it does make sense. Especially keyboards.

Oh and for my embarrassing moment of the day. I had to use the restroom and on my way to locate them followed a guy who was walking a few feet in front of me into the restroom. Well upon my exit, I literally bumped into two girls who were entering the restroom. All three of us froze in confusion as to why each of us were in the wrong spot. Well apparently I had entered the women’s restroom by accident thinking it was the men’s (thanks a lot guy for going in the wrong one). I’m pretty sure some guys followed in after seeing me enter similar to what had happened to me. Oh well, I pretty much felt dumb at that point and just vanished. At least the people whom I encountered all seemed to be with a different party and I didn’t have to continually see them the rest of the night.

The drive home went by much more quickly than the ride there. It was very late and even though we took a wrong turn that took us through Manhattan, it didn’t set us back too much. All in all it was a fun though exhausting day.

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