Kickball: Championship Game

kickball logoLast night was the big game, the SJSL kickball championship game. I was truly honored to be participating in the inaugural event with my Express Pizza teammates.

There was a little bit of rain right before kickoff, but it quickly moved out for our game. I huddled up the team and gave a little thanks speech for all their hard work this season. We really did have a great bunch on this team.

We just made some minor adjustments to our kicking order. I really wanted to move Geoff up a spot, to help him get an extra at bat and increase his chances of kicking in more base runners. The change did work very well for us, we got 5 runs in the first inning to start off the game.

It was a tremendous start to the game. We had some great kicks, knocking in a few runs with 2 outs as well. Bait and Tackle however did answer back with 5 runs of their own in the bottom of the first to even things back up.

As good as our kicking was that night, theirs was just more precise and effective than ours. I really must tip my hat to them for finding holes in our defense and consistently kicking to those holes. They did an almost surgical job of adjusting to our fielding changes as they were made too.

I hardly got a chance to field any plays at short. They were dropping in many to the short infield and blasting some very deep kicks as well.

It also got very dark very fast as the game went on. Surprisingly there were a number of bats swooping down while be played in the dark. None close enough to interfere with play, but still very strange to hear something flying overhead.

Bait and Tackle with their tremendous play won the game and took the SJSL championship. We kicked very well, but they just out fielded us and out kicked us in the end.

After the game, I handed out certificates to our teammates. It was funny and again, I’m very glad that I got a chance to play a season with each and everyone of them. This season was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

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