Dodgeball Week 8

Our final regular season game of the season was against the Banzai Executioners. We’ve had a couple of bad weeks, taking some tough losses. I really wanted to see us finish the regular season strong even though we’ve been getting some breaks.

I couldn’t of been more proud of how we played as a team last night! The energy, effort and just overall dodgeball smarts were great to see. I felt like we finally played great as a team last night.

Everyone was moving around well and throwing great. I think the week off really helped us all recover and come in fresh. We all talked to one another, and just had a good time. It was great.

Despite our stellar play, we did lose the game 9-7. But just to finish that strong and bring that momentum into the playoffs next week will be great.

The only drawback on the night for me was that I hurt my right elbow pretty badly early in an early match. It’s swollen up pretty good, and really giving me some limited movement today. I’m in full recovery mode and will play in the playoffs next week even if I have to use duct tape.

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