Steve Jobs

Steve JobsI was very glad when I saw that the library had the Steve Jobs biography√ā¬†available. I’ve been really looking forward to reading it since it’s release.

Despite being a rather lengthy book, I read through it pretty quickly. I’ve always been a big fan of Apple since we got an Apple ][ in our 2nd grade classroom. When Mr. McClaren came in to demo it to our class, it was truly one of the highlights of my young life.

The book was great. Despite already knowing a lot about Steve, there was very much in the biography that I didn’t know already. The book also wasn’t too slanted to one view in my opinion. It really seemed as though the author kept if very objective as an excellent biography should be in my opinion.

Even though I knew that Steve passed away not too long ago, it was very sad to read towards the end. Because it’s a book, I strangely was still rooting that somehow there could be a different ending.

If you have any interest in Apple, business, or just want an interesting read, I highly recommend this.

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