Honey Badgers 1/10/12

Season 2 of SJSL dodgeball started last night with a majority of returning Honey Badgers from last season joined with some new faces too. Despite losing in overtime, I was extremely pleased with our play in the first game of the season. I saw a lot of poise, grit, and determination by the Honey Badgers last night.

Our opponent was the expansion team Vicious and Delicious. Former Honey Badger standout Jen was amongst their members, so we knew that their girls would be a solid squad. However, our Honey Badger girls matched and at times exceeded them match for match. It was fantastic to observe.

Meghan played great, her throws were solid all game long. A very impressive display. Lauren was amazing too. She was hustling all game long, making some amazing and clutch catches and also getting off throws in a rapid fashion. Caitlin too was her usual a aggressive self. Getting many throws off and always being one of the first to run up to the line. Steph and Katie made some amazing catches too. It’s like they both went to a catching camp over the break.

Our guys played very solid as well too. With our new additions of John and Shawn, we seem to of gotten younger and quicker as a team. We had some early outs due to our new guys adjusting to rules, stepping over the lines, etc. but once they figure all that little stuff out I really like our new squad.

Dustin was very solid all night for us. John and Shawn are bringing a lot of offense to the table as well. I sat out all but one match to hopefully rest up my sore shoulder. Unfortunately my old man should has been in pretty bad shape the past few weeks.

All in all a very promising start to the season. I really like out updated roster and the effort that was on display last night.

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