Kickball Season 2 Week 3

This was our first and hopefully only bad game of the season. Though we played an overall clean game in the field, our opponent Kick Tease was just too much for us to handle on this night. They had several players who could kick the ball a great deal further than any of our previous opponents had yet in this season.

The deep kicks gave us the most trouble. There were a number of homeruns and if not for one guy tripping up on the bases rounding first, another certain homerun would have been had at all. Not only were they kicking deep, but they were also mixing up their kicks making it a challenge to adjust our defense to them at time.

Our kicking on the other hand was pretty much off as a team. While we did get a few good at bats, we just weren’t able to string any of them together to knock in more than one run. The injuries to two of our better kickers was evident, but they were troopers and did their best to play.

Despite the beating, we did have some excellent plays in the field. John K.’s throw across the diamond to John B. at first was amazing. It’s hard to make that throw and get a runner out, but he made it look almost routine. Lauren nearly turned a double play herself, and Meghan and Irena made some great catches as well around second base.

Continuing his excellent play, Kevin made some fine catches in center too. Whether we had Megan or Steph at third they both did an excellent job of not letting any kicks get by them and holding runners to no more than a single.

While this was our first tough loss, I do think that it won’t be too much of a setback. We do play solid defense and know each other very well, which will keep us in and win many games as the season goes on. We just need to get a little more consistant with out kicking and I’ve got to tweak the lineup a bit further until we find a combination that works best for us.

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