Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman

Churchill: The Prophetic StatesmanI suppose I’m a bigger fan of history than I realize. I easily read through Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman in two days.

First off, I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Churchill. Especially his numerous famed quotes over the years. He’s always been a very interesting personality to me.

While the title of the book sounds like they’re going to make Churchill out to be some mystical psychic, it really is about numerous examples of his study of history and it’s patterns allowed him to make some interesting predictions of how history would play out.

It was a really great read, I kept plowing through chapter after chapter. He lived through such an interesting time to me, with so much major change going on in the world during his lifetime.

Though his essay he wrote as school kid about London being attacked and he would be the one to lead it’s defense was a bit eerily prophetic.

I really enjoyed this one a lot.

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