Dodgeball Winter 2013 Week 1

One of my favorite days of the year, the first week of a SJSL season! It’s great to see all the familiar faces, say hello, etc. It reminds me of the first day of grade school when you see all the kids who you were friends with but didn’t see much over the summer.

This season we had almost all of our players returning as well as the addition of 3 new additions (technically 4, but one didn’t show last night). One is my friend since 1st grade, so I knew Wes would fit right in a be a fine addition to the squad. And I must say I’m very much impressed by Megan and Chris as well. Both not only were fine participants, but picked up the rules right away and got along great with everyone. Should be a fun season.

The only negative on the  night was our opponent, 3-time champion The Ghostbusters. Not only are they very, very good, but we were playing with brand new dodgeballs last night. Brand new dodgeballs means a faster ball with more movement. This would wind up making shot work of many Honey Badgers on the night.

It really hard to say much about the game, we were pretty much dominated from start to finish. Our guys did win 1 match and it was pretty great. With our reaction you’d of thought we won the entire league.

Once everyone settles down, I do think we should have a pretty solid team. Our girls are all pretty athletic and if they play a bit more aggressively I do believe they can beat any girl squad. I just need them to be more aggressive in going for catches, so many of them are great at catching but they still seem committed to dodging all the time.

Our guys are looking ok too. We just drew a really tough match-up for our first game. But like I told everyone, the game will seem much slower playing the other teams now.

Despite the loss, I’m really impressed with our potential and know it will be fun.

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