Dodgeball Winter 2013 Week 3

The Honey Badgers had a double header this week. This always scares me a bit, because of all the throwing that our guys will do doing on the night. I always fear someone is going to burn their arm/shoulder out. Plus I’m still working up my arm strength/endurance and still have a throw count that I’m gradually building up.

Well to help out our cause this week, we happened to be issued a free agent. Bearded Joe (I don’t know his last name yet, and since we now have 2 Joe’s that’s what I’m going with for now). He instantly proved to be a great teammate and pretty solid player as well. I don’t know how we do it, but we always seem to do great with free agents.

Former Honey Badger great Lauren was on hand as well, not to play (fractured hand) but to present a great fundraiser coming up in May for MS. I’m going to do my best to get the team to volunteer and hopefully get more of the league as well. It sounds like a noble cause.

Our first game was against the Banzai Executioners. As always it was a fun and tight contest. We always enjoy playing them, and it was really neck and neck for the most part. We actually had to call the match short due to time, so I’m not exactly sure if they officially got the victory or if it will be made up at this point.

Overall I thought we underachieved a bit as a team (a bad trend), but did flash signs of improvement along the way. Eryn and Ginny really stood out for their improvement and earned Honey Badger of the Week honors as a result. I thought Chris really played a lot better too, and new addition Bearded Joe not only brought intensity on the court, but off the court as well cheering teammates on.

Our later game was against the new team, Sea You Next Tuesday. I haven’t seen them play before last night, so had no idea what we were up against. They had some talented players, but you could tell they were overall new to the game still.

We were able to defeat them, earning our very first official win of the season! It was pretty nice to finally get that win.

As far as my comeback tour goes, I’ve been very impressed thus far. I’ve been throwing extremely hard and pretty accurate as well. I even have been having success getting some solid, late movement on my throws as well. They’ve been coming off heavy and low, making them very difficult to catch (none have been caught thus far).

All that hard work training and rehabbing have freakishly paid off to me. There’s no way even two months ago I’d of told you I’d be throwing as well as I am today. Arm strength/endurance is still an issue though. The shoulder is doing better than ever, but the elbow does tire out and get’s painful pretty early on though. Gradually working it up every week does seem to build up strength without setbacks so far.

Enough about me, all in all I was very pleased with the team this week! Our girls played a lot more aggressive and that made a huge difference. I hope we continue to improve towards the playoffs.

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