Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot

Killing KennedyHaving read Killing Lincoln a few months back and seeing Killing Kennedy in at the library I figured I’d give it a read. I’ve been a fan of history as of late, and while I do know much about Kennedy there’s always more to learn.

I do enjoy the format of this book. Like Lincoln it’s nonfiction, yet written in an almost story manner. I find this to be a bit less heavy than some other books on history, but still based on facts (or at least credible sources).

Even though I clearly know how this one ends, and even if I didn’t the title would tip any off who was from a different planet I was really bummed in the end. What a sad, sad ending. Older people always list his assassination as something they never forget, and reading through this it helps me understand even more.

The author also goes in a great deal about Kennedy’s life as well as the other notable people around him at the time, including his wife, brother Bobby and Lyndon Johnson. The info I read up on Johnson was pretty interesting. I wasn’t as versed on him as other recent presidents.

The info on Oswald was very interesting too. I really like how they parallel both men up until the shooting. It makes for a good read.


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