Dodgeball Winter 2013 Week 8

Going into the last game of the regular season, the Honey Badgers have had a very difficult time getting some wins. I’ve felt that our team has been playing alright for most of the season, but it seems that the other teams have been improving a great deal, especially on their girl squads.

We were really glad to end the season with the Banzai Executioners. Not only because they shared the same record as us, but they’re a very honest and fun team to play. They’re a fun bunch.

I really wanted us to give our best tonight and try to get what have seemed to be a most elusive win. So I gave my plea before the start of the game that we try our best to get a win, and was most glad in the results that I would eventually see.

Right out of the gates our girls came out strong. I felt that they played their best last night. They played aggressive and went after the ball, instead of sitting back and getting out of the way. I couldn’t even begin to count just how many catches they would go on to make throughout the night, It was pretty awesome to watch.

Not only was their play superb, but there were high fives, talking, and just overall great team morale going on. At times I think that is our missing ingredient, but not on this night.

Julie, Kristen and Caitlin really seemed to step up their game last night. They really seemed to be playing with more confidence. Ginny was her steady self and Eryn made some big plays of her own as well. They all played really great, especially early on to give the team an early lead as well as confidence.

Not to be outdone, out guys showed up to play as well. While there are times I doubt the intensity and focus of Jared, he was all business last night. Making big catch after big catch, with a huge acrobatic catch to seal an early match victory.

John B. who I saw clutching his shoulder very early on, wasn’t in good throwing shape last night. Being the true teammate that he is, he sound found ways to contribute to the team big time making huge catches as well as drawing fire on himself to free up others to get throws off.

Making a big play of his own was Wes with a huge catch that sealed our victory on the night. He’s always telling me that he’s bummed he hasn’t made many catches, and last nights made up for all of the previous attempts. Dustin also had a pretty impressive last stand and nearly stole a game for the Badgers. He was really bringing heat that game.

Banzai captain Kevin got me out 4 times last night! 3 failed catches on my part as well as a peg on me. Wow, he’s really improved and I’m glad to see that, even though it was at my expense. Besides that, I felt pretty good last week. While I’m pretty sore the next day, I didn’t have any significant elbow pain as I did the previous week. I also felt that I was moving around pretty well and getting close to my pre-injury speed and activity.

A huge win for the Badgers and hoping that we can carry it over into the playoffs next week!

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