Frozen in Time

Frozen in TimeI’ve been reading so much the past few years that I fell like I’ve gotten to the point where it’s tough to find something new and interesting. So the last couple of trips to the library have been getting a bit tougher for me.

I noticed Frozen in Time in the new arrivals section, and it looked like a WWII survival/rescue tale. I like such things, I feel like people today are real cry babies so hearing these amazing tales of hardship and survival always impress me.

These guys crashed and survived in Greenland for a very long time. Greenland is not a very hospitable place, and these unlucky guys kinda crashed on a moving glacier or all the spots on Greenland.

I did find the book a little slow to read in the beginning parts. I’m not sure if it was just me or maybe the tale itself, but towards the end I got into a bit more. Maybe the whole rescue and escape stuff is just more exciting to me.

I couldn’t imagine going through half as much as these guys went through. I will recommend they read this one the next time I hear someone complain that their coffee is cold and their day is now ruined as a result.

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