InfernoSince Inferno was released a few months ago, I was checking each visit to the library if a copy was available. I did enjoy The Lost Symbol and everyone knows about The DaVinci Code, which Dan Brown has authored as well. Well a copy was in so I figured I’d finally give it a read.

It was pretty good, very similar to both books I mentioned above. Sticking with the now familiar script of scholar who decodes clues in awesome cities and ancient or really old things. Still a pretty solid formula which hasn’t gotten old to me at all.

The book has a couple of twists and turns, several of which did surprise me. However, the coolest thing about it was the whole topic on the potential of human extinction and how overpopulation is what would most likely cause it. I’ve long pointed to overpopulation as the problem of most problems we face as a society today. There’s some interesting ways that it gets addressed in this book.

Very good book, and I especially enjoyed it towards the end as things really started picking up.

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