Halloween Fun 2013

Unicorn maskI haven’t really been much of a Halloween person for quite some time. However, through the magic of the SJSL and younger friends, I did partake in a few more fun-tastic activities this year.

After shaking off my years of Halloween rust, I realized I had no idea what to be for Halloween. As simple as a task this should be, I was having much difficulty with it. Just couldn’t come up with a good idea. So I would visit the various stores on my lunch breaks.

On one particular break I randomly walked by a fairly large and somewhat creepy unicorn mask. I can’t quite explain why, but I just knew that it was right for me. I’ve long been a big fan of unicorns and all the magic and goodness that they bring to this world, plus it was also pretty creepy at the same time.

After purchasing the mask, I realized that I couldn’t see anything out of it at all. There were 2 small holes in the nostrils, but they were so tiny and far away due to the wonderful snout that it made for extremely limited vision. My only solution was to bring out the scissors and create new areas of vision.

First I expanded the nostrils a bit. While this did help a little, vision was still very much limited. I then decided to get bold and create a new hole were the unicorns mouth was. This did help out a lot, and didn’t deface the unicorn’s beauty that much at all. It seemed natural and allowed me some hope at not destroying everything in my blinded path.

The first Halloween party I would attend would be a jawn at dodgeball rookie sensation Dave’s home. He’s a good guy and really went all out in his party. It was pretty impressive, he even had a cauldron that let out an fine mist due to some dry ice. Very impressive.

What made this party so memorable to me was the age difference between me and the rest of the fine guests. During a match of dodgeball, age difference is harder to realize as we’re all just running and throwing for a few minutes once a week. But in a fine Halloween party (jawn) setting it becomes more noticeable.

I pretty much just stood behind my glorious unicorn mask and observed the ways of the young. It was pretty entertaining and thankfully the young Ricky and elder Kevin were on hand to converse with me. I didn’t stay too long, in fact I just abruptly left as Ricky would later call me out on. But it was a fun time while I hung in there. I was truly a grandpa unicorn.

The next night was another Halloween party at the Swift’s residence. This one would too turn out to be quite a fun time. Again I was a majestic unicorn. This night would however truly belong to the Honey Badgers. Nearly the entire dodgeball team was present at one time or another. It was pretty amazing to behold.

Soe stand out costumes to me were Jared who would transform into Bob Ross as the night great, Caitlin was a most amazingly well done Ms. Pac-man (and Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde), Dustin of course was Harry Pot-head, and Ricky was Quail man just to name a few. Though they were all pretty great and unique.

It turned out to be a pretty great time, and it was really nice to see most everyone on the team. They really are a pretty cool bunch.

So it turned out that I had a pretty eventful Halloween weekend.

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