PhoneGap Build Andriod versionCode

Just went to submit updates to an app in the Google Play store. Worked out all the annoying bugs, of course forgot my key password (NEVER forget your key password), and finally got to submit it to the Google Play store.

When I got the message that my Version Code must be greater than the current value. I was quite stumped at this point as I did increase the version number in the config.xml file.

After some research I did notice that in my config.xml that I had set a versionCode value. I have absolutely no recollection of this at all, and am beginning to guess that I must’ve just copied and pasted it from an example config.xml file at some point. As the previous versionCode doesn’t really follow my typical numbering conventions.

Either way, I just incremented the value there, and re-submitted and all seems well.

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