The Stand

The StandI was a bit stumped as to what read next while stumbling through the library and figured to give the massive The Stand by Stephen King a shot. I’ve heard very good things about it.

It was pretty awesome. Despite being easily a two hander book, it was so good that I went through it quite fast. While I’ve read a lot of exciting end of the world type of books (that sounds a bit more morbid than it really is), knowing when this was written it was even more appreciated. I felt like it laid the foundation for the genre that is so popular today.

My favorite character was Kojak the dog of course. Dogs are  great and I was surprised at just how large a role he went on to serve. He reminded me of many a loyal dog I’ve had the great pleasure to know.

While I was bummed by the demise of so many great characters, all had a very interesting path. It was really fun to follow along and find myself rooting for a few of them to make it through to the end.

Like any great book I found myself reading “just one more chapter” many times. Very good stuff! Highly recommended.


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