The Good Luck of Right Now

The Good Luck or Right Now

I felt like I had to read something that was a bit more on the positive side than zombie or end of the world stuff. Just needed to mix it up a bit.

With nothing specific in mind, I perused the new arrivals section at the library. My goal was to get something happy but not be a super girly book. From the titles and covers, this was looking to be a very daunting task.

After much indecision I figured I’d try The Good Luck of Right Now. It was blueish and seemed safe.

It turned out to be a pretty good book too. Not quite as happy as I was expecting, but still happiness was found in the end for some unlikely characters.

The whole philosophy behind the title was interesting and does seem to make sense at times. The format of letters written to Richard Gere was interesting as well. Strange at first, but you catch on to it in no time.

Easily my favorite part was the mecca to Cat Parliament. I did chuckle a bit at the grandness of it all and the excitement it brought.

Different, but a good break from the recent books I’ve read.

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