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Resigned from Atlantic Cape Community College

While I was happily employed at Atlantic Cape Community College for nearly 13 years, I had officially resigned and worked my last day on May 16, 2014. Not aggressively seeking employment elsewhere a pretty exciting opportunity opened at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, and after interviewing they offered and I accepted.

Working at Atlantic Cape was a great experience, I’ve grown and learned so much during my time there. More importantly I’ve met and worked with some amazing people. Easily the thing I will miss most will be no longer seeing some of those great friends on a daily basis any longer.

My co-workers gave me a fantastic send off. A pizza party, treats and some very generous gifts! Tonya baked an amazingly creative Lego cake (they know me so well), and NGM made a severed head in a jar (umm, maybe doesn’t know me quite that well). The head in a jar was very morbid and disturbing, but I do have it admit it was creative and flawlessly executed.

It was sad saying good-bye and thanks to everyone. Some folks got a bit emotional at times, and while I felt a bit guilty for leaving them they completely agreed that it was a wise move for me. They were so understanding and happy for me, even though they expect to miss me a great deal.

I’m very excited to get started at Stockton this week! Everyone I met and the tour of where I’ll be was very exciting. I can’t wait to get in there and help make them an even better place!

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