Honey Badger Recognition

I might be a bit crazy, but over the past several years I have taken it very seriously to make sure that my SJSL team is always run in a professional and fun manner. I always make sure everyone is aware of rules, game times, league news, and most importantly are in a position where they can have a lot of fun playing.

This means that I make sure that there is a recap of each and every game, and even and awards ceremony at the completion of each season. We also organize and offer numerous activities throughout the year.

While this does take up a bit of time and resources at times, it’s really worth it when we all have so much fun. I know how much my teammates appreciate the great almost family-like atmosphere we have created and continue to experience through co-ed recreational sports.

What really stuck out to me and made me smile was that on two different occassions the Honey Badgers have been credited by other teams in a public manner over being a well run and fun team that they truly enjoy playing and aspire to be like.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but both instances were really appreciated and it was pretty cool to see that even those who aren’t a part of the team know what a great thing the Honey Badgers have going!

Thanks to all Honey Badgers & Express Pizza players past and present for making us such a great SJSL franchise! We’re only as good as the people we have, and we sure have had some amazing friends over our numerous seasons!


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