Lost for Words

Lost for WordsContinuing my new reading streak, I was a bit stumped as to what to try next. Nothing in the new arrivals section stood out, and I’ve read much the past few years so most popular options are now gone. So I ventured to where the library will put out some featured books on the end of the aisles. I’m not sure who put them there or the rhyme or reason, but decided to give it a look.

I randomly went with Lost for Words. No particular reason at all, just picked it. Cover didn’t stand out, didn’t recognize the author, etc. A true random selection.

The book turned our to be alright. It seemed ok, but really wasn’t my type. Though it seemed to mock pretentious writers/reviewers of literature, I just found it to be a bit too pretentious for my overall tastes. I suppose I’m just a bit too simple.

Overall it wasn’t too bad, and I’d probably recommend it to others. Just not so much for myself.


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