Against All Odds: My Story

The Rat was kind enough to give me Chuck Norris’ biography as a Christmas gift. We often joked about Chuck Norris back when all the hilarious Internet memes were popular. The book also belonged to her father, so I was extremely honored that she would want me to have it.

While I didn’t jump in and read it right away, I eventually made time for it a few months later. It was pretty much exactly as I’d of imagined it to be.

I cannot say it was a very good book for me. While Mr. Norris certainly has led an interesting and meaningful life, I just didn’t really get into this one.

The reluctant bragging was pretty hilarious to me. Often he would go on to sound so very modest, then follow up with proclaiming and amazing feat. It really wasn’t modest at all. I know I do that often myself when telling stories, so I guess we have that in common.

While I knew already that he was a very religious man, I was a bit surprised as to just how much religion was tied into the book. It was really was a constant the entire book. I’m glad that such faith helped him get through his life and make positive impacts. Though I don’t believe in his faith, I do agree with what he was able to accomplish using it.

Overall it wasn’t that good of a book for me, but I’m glad that the Rat was kind enough to share it with me.

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