Caulked a Shower

Was a bit excited and nervous to caulk a shower this weekend. I’ve noticed that some of the trim outside of the shower had gotten wet. So, water was finding it’s way out of the shower enough to take notice.

I did some research on how to caulk, there were some excellent videos and tutorials. I stopped using the shower for a few days (glad I bought a home with 2 bathrooms) and picked up some supplies. Went with the white silicone bathroom caulk. Figured white would look better in this case than clear.

Removing the old caulk was a little bit of a pain. It really sticks on there well. A razor and some patience helped me remove even the pesky parts. I then cleaned a bit more and waited a day or so for it to dry completely.

I did do some practice caulk runs on some pieces of cardboard. I can get a bit excited and was a bit afraid I would squeeze that gun much too hard and wind up with way too much caulk. Practicing was an excellent idea. After a few lines, I was confident to begin.

It was a pretty quick process. The gun came with a very useful little tool that really helped to run over the caulk and create a really clean looking line.

I’m still giving it a little bit more time to dry from yesterday, but am eager to see if it prevents the water from finding a way out.

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