Reagan: The Life

Reagan: The LifeWhile I’m not too big into politics I did notice a new biography on Ronald Reagan, and he was the President during my younger childhood. While I remember jelly beans and the Soviet Union, I figured it’d be interesting to remember a bit more about that era.

While the early history of him before being President was very interesting and good to learn, I was most interested in reading about his Presidency. Those were the years that I recalled and reading up on so many of those events of the eighties really brought back other good memories too.

For instance the terrible Challenger explosion, the Star Wars missile defense systems, the “evil” Soviets, crushing Mondale, etc. All these really stood out to me during those formative years.

Though this was a very lengthy and quite heavy book, I did enjoy reading it a lot. Not only did I learn much more about the guy and gotten a better idea of what went on behind the scenes, it also brought back some good memories as well.

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