No Lights

On Thursday night while driving home from playing volleyball in Ventnor my dash lights were out. So I couldn’t really read my speedomoter, which was a pain. I got pulled over a block from the Longport bridge with the assumption that I must’ve been speeding slightly since I couldn’t read the black speedometer.

The officer asked why I was driving with my lights off. I informed him that my dash lights were out, but I wasn’t aware that my taillights were out as well and began to suspect that a fuse must’ve blown or there’s a short somewhere in the electrical system. Luckily he didn’t write me a ticket (thank you) and I drove home with the flashers on.

Fuse Box
So Friday morning I awoke with a mission to attempt to fix my lights so I wouldn’t have to pay a mechanic to fix them. First I started with checking the fuses. Couldn’t find a fuse labeled for the dash, but the taillight fuse was blown. And upon replacing that fuse, the dash lights came back, so I guess they’re connected. I also replaced both headlights, as one of them was dead as well.

Result of my mission to repair my lights.

  • Cost of Fuses: $3.62
  • Cost of Headlight bulbs: $ 6.99 x2 = $15
  • Hours spent: 2

Fixed a Tub Drain

Tonight I found myself up against a most adverse challenge. The bathtub wasn’t draining. This has happened before and all I had to do in the past was to remove the coverplate and reattach the linkage to the trip lever. It can come off everynow and then, it’s a plunger tub drain.

Unfortunately tonight when I tugged on the linkage the whole thing came out, as it must’ve come undone from the plunger that stops the drain. I was looking behind the tub to see if I could remove pipe to get to the plunger, but due to the constraints of the room I had for access that wouldn’t be done without some modification to the closet.

So after much searching I found a good old fashioned wire hanger. Bent it into something that I hoped would be able to grab the plunger from the pipe and prepared to go fishing for the plunger. Amazingly on my first try I hooked the plunger and pulled it out and reconnected everything. I’m going to have eventually buy a new drain since the trip lever seems broken, but for the time being the drain works!


Friday the 13th

Just thought I should share my bizarre Friday the 13th act of today. Some old man rear ended my car while I was at a red light. So I got out with a big smile on my face (I have a severe anger defiency) and he aplogized to me. I told him it was ok, accidents happen.

Then I inspected my car, no visible damage. Kicked my car in the area it was struck, not sure why but it looks like I know what I’m doing I suppose. Then said I’m ok, do you want to report this? Of course he said no. So I got back into my car, then got out again to tell him that it’s Friday the 13th and that’s why he ran into my car.

He didn’t really seem to get it, think he just felt stupid from hitting my car for no reason. Oh well, no one got hurt so that’s a good thing. I’m now an official believer in the whole Friday the 13th thing.


Most Lost

I had to be at Gloucester for a meeting today at 1:00. Got directions from Google Maps, they always seem to get me where I need to be without a problem. Claim that it should be a 1 hour and 5 minute ride. Just in case I might get lost I gave myself a full hour and 20 minutes extra time, figure if I was really early I could get a bite to eat.

Got to exit 44 on the Expressway a little ahead of schedule, leaving me a full hour and a half to navigate what I expected to be the final 10 minutes of my journey. I don’t know what I did after I took exit 44, but I must’ve taken every wrong turn that was possible. To make matters even worse my stupid cell phone was getting no service. So I couldn’t even call them to let them know I was lost and needed some directions.

I stopped in 2 Walgreens for directions, which at both times seemed pretty good. But still I was lost. Stopped at 3 different Wa-Wa’s. With one guy giving me what sounded like the best directions I’ve ever received. Still lost. This time I found myself 1 mile from the Walt Whitman Bridge. Was on Rt 168, Rt. 41, Rt. 55, Delsea Drive. Couldn’t find the damn place. Finally it was 2:15 and I was supposed to be at a 1:00 appointment, after 4 and a half hours of driving I finally gave up.

Somehow stumbled upon Rt. 30 and decided I better just call it a day and head back home. Did stop at a Popeye’s Chicken for lunch. Never been to one before.


Elvis Arrives

Mom holding ElvisWoke up early this morning to drive up to the Philly Airport to pickup a puppy my brother bought online. Guess you really can buy anything online. The drive there wasn’t too eventful, got there with no problems. Took a little bit to find the cargo place we had to go for pickup, Frank’s not the finest under pressure.

It’s an American Bulldog who will go by the name of Elvis. Seems like a good dog, slept the ride home and has slept for most of the day today actually.


Wrong Turn in Galloway

Was meeting with a potential client with what seems like a pretty cool potential project in Galloway. Not too familiar with the area, but was able to find the spot on time despite taking a wrong turn or two.

Getting home was a whole different story. Not sure exactly where and when I initially got lost but I was lost for a good 40 minutes with not much gas in the tank. Somehow managed to drive thru Cologne, Germana, and the Pilgrim Academy just to name a few. It’s just woods out there, nowhere to pull over and ask for directions. Very bizarre. Somehow managed to find myself on the White Horse Pike and finally had some idea where I was.