A Fish House Wedding

Long time friend Brian (probably my oldest friend, pre-preschool) got married this weekend. There was only a party to attend at Nick’s Fish House in Baltimore, and it was quite a laid back fun time.

Since it’s a fairly decent drive to Baltimore, I decided to ride up with the Shepherd and Scott. Scott was kind enough to drive. We got there in record time, but I must admit my co-passengers did get on my nerves a little bit with their poor habits (e-cigarettes are stupid). Oh well, it was a ride so I can’t complain too much.

We arrived a bit early, and stopped at some random Wal-Mart in the middle of nowhere. It was a bit strange with nothing at all around it, but we figured it was better than nothing. There was a screaming child, who just screamed at a constant amazingly high pitched rate while it’s mom did nothing. The constant sound was both incredible and I tip my hat to this child’s lungs for being able to sustain such a not for such a lengthy amount of time. Truly amazing and remarkable annoying.

After Wal-Mart, we were still very much early. So we drove around Baltimore a few blocks until we found a safe haven. There was a really fancy fenced in apartment area with shops. A pretty cool setup if you were living in the city.

We walked around a bit and noticed a park with some activity going on. Some event was taking place and there were a ton of dogs about. An amazing amount of different dogs. A huge shaved Saint Bernard, a therapy Blood Hound and many more. It was pretty awesome to see.

After that we headed over to Nick’s. It was a pretty cool place on the water. There was a chair for all attendees to sign. I thought that was a pretty nice touch. Apparently the Shepherds sloth knows no bounds, and I noticed that he added onto my signing instead of writing his own. Geez Shepherd!

There was a live reggae band, that while very talented was much too loud for my old man ears. I couldn’t escape it no matter where I wandered, and it eventually escalated a bad headache I had from the crazy card ride there to very bad. I eventually decided to attempt to sleep in a car for a bit, and Scott eventually found some Tylenol for me to take from his endless supply of drugs he carries in a strange bag.

After a pretty long time of laying down in a half sleep state in a comfy car (which I’m sure must’ve been quite the strange sight) I finally emerged to face civilization. My first stop was more water and a delicious cupcake. It was a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing, and I currently would like another one as it was yummy.

It was really great to see so many old friends and am reminded just how many of my childhood friends are still friends to this day. Pretty cool.

The car ride home wasn’t really as bad as the ride there. The Shepherd was too broken and sleepy to smoke his stupid e-cigarette non-stop, and there was much less traffic to Scott to attempt NASCAR moves thru.

Even with the stupid headache it was a pretty great day, and I wish Brian and Shanna much happiness. Great to see everyone and glad it was under such great circumstances!


Baltimore Aquarium

Pacific FishTook a really random road trip with the Shepherd today to the Baltimore Aquarium. We got there with no problems thanks to the GPS gods. You have to buy a ticket to get in at a certain time, so we got the 3:15 admittance and to see the dolphin show at 5:00.

Since it wasn’t anywhere near 3:15, we had plenty of time to check out the Inner Harbor. Last time I was there was probably 1991, so a lot has changed. Everything seemed pretty new and clean around the harbor. Every restaurant imaginable was there as well as an ESPN Zone and the most massive Barnes and Noble I’ve ever seen. Their bathrooms were really weak, smelled really bad.

It turned out to be quite a warm day today, so walking around outdoors in the end of December wasn’t nearly as bad as it could’ve been. There are also many historic ships to check out there too, but didn’t take any of the tours this time.

The aquarium was very cool. A little too packed at times, keep getting elbowed by people but the animals were really cool. Sharks were really cool, so was this one gigantic turtle I saw. Taking photos was tough, with the lighting and the thick glass of the tanks, but I did manage a couple of ok shots.

The dolphin show was pretty cool too. Not quite as nice as the one I saw at San Diego Sea World, but still fun to watch. After the dolphin show, the place really cleared out and we were able to go back and check out the exhibits that were a bit too busy early in the day. So that really worked out.