For Dustin’s bachelor party we were going fishing on a boat. While I have gotten slight motion sickness on a boat before, it was never anything too serious. So I was hoping that going further out into the ocean to fish wouldn’t be so bad.

About 15-20 minute into the voyage I knew I was in trouble. Not only was a random kid on the boat just completely out of the blue staring and hugging me, but I knew I was going to be sick. Oh, and we had about 6 more hours to go.

I got so sick that all I could do was find a place to sit away from people and just weather the storm. I managed not to throw up into 2 hours in, but once I had to made sure to wrap my arms around a rail in case we hit a big wave and not fall overboard while vomiting off the side.

I’m not going to lie, it was a pretty horrible day. Knowing that you have absolutely nowhere to go to get away from the nausea, and even a best case scenario the ride back to shore would take an hour and a half if they called it a day early. Yuck, no fun at all.

I currently hate boats, fish, the ocean, fishing rods, bait, water, wind, waves, and all the people on the boat (even though it wasn’t their fault at all and they were a big help).


Stuck Boat

Went on a fishing adventure today. I know next to nothing of the mighty ocean, and usually tend to get sick in the past. However, it was super nice outside today, so a fishing adventure on the seas was a welcome idea to me.

We seemed to be going well, and dropped our lines somewhere off of Margate, I think a little bit past the bridge actually. Not too much was biting today, only reeled in one flounder and it was too small to keep.

The real adventure took place when we both realized that we could see the bottom of the ocean. Oh no, somehow we had managed to drift onto some sand. Lots and lots of sand actually. We were stuck, really stuck.

So we began plotting of best solutions to our dilemma. As it was getting later in the day, the tide was not working in our favor. So we hopped into the water and it wasn’t even up to our knees and sometimes barely up to our ankles.

We pushed as hard as two guys could push, barely getting any footing in the muck and sand. It was pretty tough work and at times the boat wouldn’t even budge. Finally we thought to try pushing from the back, then pushing from the front side.

This showed some progress, so we kept with this tactic hoping that we could somehow get out. Literally inch by inch, and after quite a bit of time we finally freed the vessel

It was a pretty great feeling once we thought that we had it free. Hearing that motor startup was a wonderful sound. I think I will be sore for quite a bit for this one.


Went Fishing on a Boat

IMG_0132I braved the seas the other day and went fishing from a boat. For the most part it was pretty cool. Never really been much of a fisherman nor a boater for that matter, so the experience was mostly new to me.

The kind Shepherd invited me on this epic quest. Along for the journey were Mr. Miller and the Shepherd’s brother in law Nick, who also was the boat owner and captain of this voyage. First we bought some bait which came in chinese food containers. They just pack minnows in those containers like it’s fried rice.

Then we headed over to the docks to board the vessel. She was a fine ship and I was welcomed aboard. Then we went out into the ocean to the point where you really couldn’t see the shore off of Longport. So I’d say that’s the furthest from land I’d been in a boat.

Then Mr. Miller taught me how to cast and I waited for something to bite. And waited, and waited some more. Technically I didn’t catch anything, but Mr. Miller did let me real a fish in that bit his line. It was a flounder, not big enough to keep but a fish nonetheless. Fish are very slimy and squirm a great deal, but I found it very enjoyable to pick them up and throw them back out to sea.

I did get seasick and was told that jumping in the ocean would make me feel better. So I went to end of the boat and fell in like Frodo falling into the black water. Since I was out of it at that point, I have to admit that for a few seconds I did kinda freak out and didn’t realize where the hell I was. But, I settled down and grabbed onto the boat and all was well.

We did manage to catch 2 flounders that we were able to keep. So overall it was a fine expedition.