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3rd Annual Honey Badger Holiday Party

While the official Honey Badger Holiday Party was a bit later this year, it was still quite an amazing bit of fun! Since it fell at the end of January, we worked in a Chinese New Year theme in some bits. The turn out was pretty amazing, with a steady 18-20 Badgers throughout the entire night.

I was a bit worried since I was hosting this year at my home, but all seemed to go well. I wasn’t sure if there’d be enough room, I still hadn’t purchased a couch, and frankly I’m not the most domesticated guy out there. Once again the team stepped up and chipped in just like during a game and brought folding chairs and countless yummy dishes to contribute to the great time.

We had a games challenge similar to last years, with numerous random activities.

  • chopsticks challenge
  • sticker stalker
  • Chinese Zodiac match
  • Mario Kart
  • push ups
  • drawing a picture
  • dart gun (sadly the gun broke?)
  • Wii Fit luge
  • sudoku

All the games with the exception of the dart gun game went extremely well. Sadly the dart gun broke early on, but not before the Shepherd put on a clinic in accuracy. It was kind of frightening to see, but impressive.

The majority of the guests stayed up until the end when Caitlin and Allen/Scott were crowned champions!

My only regret on the night is that I didn’t take photos! I was so busy keeping track of the events and keeping things going that I didn’t take the time to take any photos.

Overall I’d say it was another tremendous Badger success. I had a great deal of fun and will have to have the Badgers over more often!

Adventure Sports

2013 Honey Badger Holiday Party

The much heralded Honey Badgers franchise had their 2nd annual holiday party. Invites went out to current and past Honey Badgers greats. It’s a very exciting time.

The turn out was pretty solid, around 10 people or so. Unfortunately we did have a bunch of last minute declines, but realistically as we get older that no longer surprises me. People just seem to have more things going on.

Once again hosting veteran Fierce served as the generous host and did another fantastic job. This year we decided to hold a tournament of holiday themed games. I made a scoreboard all by myself with no help, and we would use that to keep official score of the various game’s outcomes.

Here were some of the amazing games that we played:

  • Cotton Ball Race
  • Toothpick Marshmallow Towers (the only failure)
  • Jingle in the Trunk
  • Merry Fishmas
  • Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa (rock, paper, scissors)
  • Holiday Song Lyrics
  • Sudoku
  • Christmas Ball

I was very glad to see just how much fun everyone had participating. We had some very impressive and fun moments. Congrats to Caitlin and Dustin on their team victory! It was a true Christmas miracle!

The was also a gift exchange, where you could trade, open, or draw a swap from a hat. I’m not sure I can fully explain it as I’m not sure I fully understood it, but it worked and everyone walked away happy. There were high heels of lotion, a strange baby from San Diego, and countless other amazing goodness. Another Christmas miracle for all!

Another very fun and successful Honey Badger Holiday Party!



Kevin’s Bachelor Party

I just got back from the car wash, I had to clean off some shaving cream and vomit from exterior of my car. The Shepherd almost made it home before throwing up, so very close. Good job Shepherd, you almost made it.

While the vomit was much thicker and abundant along my passenger door when I awoke that I had been expected to find, it did come off easily with the high pressure of the car wash. The shaving cream along the side was just from some completely coincidental child pranks. Stupid rich kids apparently have nothing better to do in Linwood.

The bachelor party itself was great time, nothing too crazy like in the movies. I think everyone is a bit too old for such shenanigans at this point, well almost all of us I suppose. Just a good time hanging out with some old friends who which is something that doesn’t happen as often as I’m sure we’d all like.

To start things off we met up pretty early at Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park in PA for some pre Phillies game tailgating. I must tip my hat to the planners, as this was a great location and the weather was nearly perfect for the occasion. There were many ducks, pigeons and even a stray cat wandering about the park as well. And poorly overthrown footballs nearly attacking us at times.

The food was amazing. Hats of and a full standing ovation to Conner and Ryan for their grillmanship. I couldn’t help but completely overeat. Sausage from brooklyn, beef tenderloin with some special sauce who’s contents couldn’t be shared, scallops, shrimp and clams, philly pretzels in varieties I never heard of and enough beverages to satisfy all those on hand. My belly is truly larger today as I type this.

We then walked to the game. Kevin’s extremely generous uncle treated us all to a luxury box, with food! As if I hadn’t eaten enough already on this day, free food awaited me in the luxury box over the first based side. Italian pork sandwiches, chicken tenders, hot dogs, cheesesteaks, italian chips, water ice, cookies, candy, more unlimited beverages, this was truly a glutenous day that future tales would forever speak of!

The game itself wasn’t too bad either. The box was a really great spot to watch a game, even though the A’s did beat the Phils. I was indifferent but we did have some bummed guys in the box due to the outcome. Leaving the game which was done in a brisk 2 hours and 33 minutes, we then realized that our ride home wouldn’t be here in another 2 1/2 hours or so.

Skip, the blazingly fast limo driver was apparently held up and we weren’t expecting the game to end so soon. We hung out in the parking lot for a bit before venturing over to the nearby Holiday Inn where some of the guys had gotten a room to stay. Due to a crazy man freaking out in the lobby, the guys room was upgraded to a suite so we went up there and just waited for Skip’s arrival.

Skip arrived, we said our goodbyes and the ride home was mostly silent as everyone around me was asleep for a good deal of the ride. A great time with some good guys.