Adventure Sports

Went Fishing

Went fishing the other day for the second time.  The only other time I went was probably 8 years or so ago, and it didn’t go too well.  I also think I may’ve had an orange Snoopy fishing pole growing up, but can’t confirm if I ever went fishing with it or not.  Can’t remember that far back if it was an actual fishing pole or just a toy, but it was orange and had Snoopy on it.

I did purchase a fishing rod for this momentous occasion at K-mart.  I have no idea if it’s any good or not, but I do have a slight feeling that it will catch me many a fish and perhaps sharks or something cool like that too.  It came with all the stuff to get started, so that was really cool.  

The Shepherd, Dustin, Joe and myself got some clams for bait and headed over to probably around 17th Street in Longport and began to fish off the Jetty.  It wasn’t too difficult, you just throw the hook with bait into the water and wait.  And wait.  Nobody did catch anything that day, so I blame the fish.

Someone started up a movie based game to pass the time.  While facing elimination, I was certain that Will Smith was in the film Philadelphia.  Everyone else playing said he wasn’t in the movie, So I asked some joggers to settle this argument.  They didn’t think he was in the movie and I was then eliminated from the game, which for the record is a stupid game.