$700 gag gift

Scientology PaintingI had the day off on Thursday, and the college was having a rummage sale. So since I wasn’t around Sean thought it’d be funny if he bought the most hideous thing possible and placed it in my office while I was away. Apparently Brittney who was taking part in the great rummage sale let Sean know that they had just the perfect thing to place in my office.

As of this writing I still haven’t seen it, but apparently it was some hideous looking painting by some well known Scientologist or something.  This fine work of art was purchased at the rummage sale for $5.  Out of curiosity the painting was then researched online.  Apparently this appalling gag gift fetches around $700! 

Not a bad profit.  Looks like somebody didn’t do their homework before selling off this exquisite piece of Scientology art.  The painting has plans of being sold with the profits going to a noble cause.