My Triple AAA Approach to Social Media Customer Service

AAA Emblem
I assist at work with handling our social media presences. Of which we do get the occasional upset and or nasty comment. Today I do believe I just coined the Triple AAA Approach to handling negative social media postings.

So here are my 3 steps:

  1. Acknowledge – this that you the person’s comment has been heard. This is very important and the sooner it can be done the better! Simply acknowledging the problem/complaint can on it’s own solve many problems.
  2. Apologize – I don’t care how right you may feel you or your organization is, apologize for what occurred. Again, this can and should be done in a very timely manner. Often somebody just want’s to hear an apology and isn’t necessarily looking for a resolution.
  3. Answer/Assist – this is the last step. Get them help or answer what their problem or issue was. Sometimes this can take time, and in that case the first two steps can be taken in the meantime to hold them over and let them know that you are actively working to assist them.
That’s it for my Triple AAA Approach to social media customer service.