Cow Licks Updates

Just wrapping up some site additions for Cow Licks Kids Salon.  


The client wanted a slideshow of images that they would be able to update and add images to.  So I created a pretty cool looking slideshow using Flash ActionScript 3.0.  It’s pretty cool.  It calls in the the images to be loaded through an xml file which the client can manipulate to alter the slideshow.  To reduce load time, each image is loaded a few seconds before it’s to appear on the stage.  

Parties Page

The client wanted to expand their offerings on their fast growing parties that they are offering.  Geoff came up with a slick design for the client which I was able to turn into a tabbed interface.  The tabs was built on YUI TabView.  YUI is a great library, and probably my favorite Javascript library out there now.  The site makes heavy use of YUI throughout.

Contact Form

Added a contact form to the site for users to contact the client.  It’s a pretty basic contact form written in PHP with some basic form validation thrown in there too.

WordPress CMS

Converted the existing static site over to WordPress to serve their CMS needs.  The client can now login to an admin app and make basic content changes on their own, without the need to FTP or pay someone else for basic site changes.


Added a MooNews area on the homepage for the client to easily add latest news to their site via the newly installed CMS.