Working From Home

With some renovations being done at work I’m not working from home for three weeks.  Right now I’m in the middle of my second week working from home.  It’s not too bad so far.  I actually find that I get more done with less interruptions at home than I usually find in the office.  Nobody asking stopping me and asking me, “This is a really dumb question, but my computer is doing…”.  While it’s cool being a nice guy and helping to figure something out, it does take time away from projects I’m usually trying to get done.

I wake up at the same time (ok I do sleep in a bit, but barely) and go through the normal morning routine.  Then I get dressed like I’m going to work (many would say it’s the same attire than if I were staying home) and have to put my sneakers on.  Not sure why, but if those sneakers are off I’m just not in that work mode.

I’ve stopped into work a couple of times to meet up with people and take care of some of the things that require being in person for.  So that’s pretty cool, I feel bad for the people who couldn’t work from home due to what they do. Everyone is crammed into the cafeteria, and with the start of classes, it’s really crazy in there.  I wouldn’t want to be working in that environment.