Don’t Deport my Dad

My Mom asked me to help them with something today (some of the scariest words I can hear). Apparently my Dad’s Green Card is too old or expired for him to be issued a new drivers license by the Garden State. Since I’m a web developer my parents think I can magically touch a computer and immediatley gain access to anything in the world (that would be a cool super power).

Green CardAfter much searching ( your site sucks) I finally found the document he needs to fill out. Of course when I try and print it (I think they believe I can also make documents just appear with my computer super powers, but I won’t ask) my inkjet I use for text documents is dry.

So I turn to my trusty and very very dusty photo printer (which I hate using on non-photo prints) and 2 of it’s 7 ink tanks are dry. Luckily I have some fresh ink on hand and install them without a hitch. However it won’t load the paper correctly. Just refuses to take a sheet of paper. I’m beginning to hope that maybe my Dad might enjoy moving back to Italy, this just doesn’t seem to want to work.

Finally got the printer to take the paper by manually ever so gently feeding the sheet myself. Wound up spending over 2 hours tonight to print 6 wonderfully written pages prepared by the United States Center for Immigration Services. That’s my exciting adventure for today.

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