Silent Rage

My friends and I stumbled upon another classic film last night.  Silent Rage, which starred Chuck Norris.  Nothing like watching a Norris film, the man is arguably on of the finest actors to ever grace the silver screen.

The film was originally released in 1982, and it shows.  From the attire to the hair, clearly the wonderful early eighties.  The plot involves the sheriff of a small town played by Chuck Norris who finds himself face to face with an unstoppable (until he met Chuck of course) bionic killing machine.

The fight scenes are vintage Chuck Norris.  The music is really cool, lots of Casio synthesizers.  Unfortunately we did miss the beginning, so I’m not too certain how John Kirby (the bionic killing machine) became the unstoppable force that he was in the film.  This was a very entertaining film, mostly for the wrong reasons, but entertaining nonetheless.  

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