Transformers: The Complete First Season (25th Anniversary Edition)

When I saw the first season of Transformers on DVD, I immediately picked it up and bought it, no hesitation. When the Transformers cartoons first aired in 1984, my brothers and all my friends at the time were instantly hooked. The rist now was would I still enjoy watching them after all these years, or could this possible ruin the fine memory I have of what was an amazing show.

I gotta admit, they held up very well. The stories weren’t that bad at all. The whole end of the world when cybetron is brought to Earth was pretty cool. Always was a sucker for those end of the world plots. I gladly went through all episodes pretty quickly.

Starscream is still my favorite character. Gotta root for the bad guys. They come so close to ruling the universe too, it’s almost sad to watch them fail. I forgot that the Constructicons made their first appearance in the first season, so that was a nice surprise.

The quality is pretty solid, considering how old it is. The extras provided are so-so, nothing too amazing.

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