Phillies Game

Went to the Phillies vs Astros game last night with some co-workers. It was actually my first trip to Citizens Bank Park. I’ve heard many good things about it, and was glad that it lived up to the hype. Sooooo much nicer than the Vet that it replaced.

We carpooled up there which was cool. I got the night off from driving since my back seat is quite cramped and Geneva Convention laws  prohibit 2 individuals for such a journey. Also, being cramped in car you do learn a lot from these people I work with but only seem to interact with in a work environment. Oh yeah, and carpooling is good for the environment too.

Scumbag got us free parking, and free is always very good. When we got in and figured out where our seats were I got a chance to walk around a bit and check out the different stuff at the park. Sadly only kids are allowed to run the bases, that’s so unfair.

Scumbag had to say hi to a ballgirl, so I said “hi” too. Then then gave us a free hot dog and soda ticket and we got them to sign their baseball cards to give to Geoff. So that was cool, he seemed to really appreciate the gifts.

The Phils went on to win the game, I don’t recall the score but it was fairly exciting. A grand slam, some home runs, good stuff.

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Joe—Thanks for sharing the back seat so graciously and for making sure we followed the Click It or Ticket regs. We couldn’t allow Brittany to get arrested. It was a fun time. Although I’m a big Phillies fan, I don’t know as much as I could about the rules and strategy of the game, so it was fun listening to the experts in our party.

haha – yes Click It or Ticket was in full effect. I think we considered you to be the baseball expert amongst us.

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